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03.07.2022 20:58


Good we finished the roof yesterday! During the night it started pouring down. Soooo much rain! 
Ingólfur used the day for backing and after having coffee with our helpers from the day before we went for a drive to have a look at our mares and Aðalsteinn.
At the intersection to Reykjahverfi we met a pair of hitchhikers looking to get a ride in direction to Mývatn. As the weather was that bad we decided to just go all the way instead of leaving them at the next intersection where we intended to go to Aðaldalur. So Mývatn it was, a lovely drive with interesting conversation.
On the way back we stopped at the field with our mares and saw that Sæla kept the stallion company whilst the other mares seemed not to be interested in him at all at the moment. We'll see if we get her back in foal.






02.07.2022 18:38

New roof - Day 2

And up they went again today! Now it was time to put the new corrugated iron panels, which we had already ordered to length last year, in place.
Not so easy when you have no crane to lift them up, but we found a good solution for that. The guys did a brilliant job and in no time things were just ready! Could hardly believe it. Next thing on our schedule is to paint the house...





01.07.2022 18:20

New roof - Day 1

Shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning our friend Óli arrived and he and Ingólfur went up on the roof starting to remove the old iron, throwing large chunks down into the garden. They mostly took good care of not hitting my flowers, just one a panel slipped and hit some tulips, but those had already finished flowering, so not too much damage done there. 
When Bjössi and Jói arrived things went really fast and the roof was stripped in no time. After lunchbreak Þorvaldur, the contractor, arrived and when the last remains of the chimney had been removed they started to cover all unnecessary holes in the roof with new boards and replacing old, broken boards. The aim of today was to be finished putting the roofing felt in place. And they made it! Think they were that scared of me they didn't even take many breaks.






30.06.2022 17:59

Up on the roof

As I'm afraid of heights I usually evade getting on our roof, but today I had no excuse as we are going to renew our roof and wanted to use the opportunity to get rid off stuff in our attic without moving it through the whole house. In fact I could just enter through the roof hatch from our house and didn't have to climb from the garageroof over a ladder to the roof. Better way for me. 
When up there I could clearly see it was really time to renew the corrugated iron as it was still the original one from 1963 and hadn't been painted recently. There was quite a bit of rust and it wouldn't last many years from now. So better do it now. Will be my last time up there for the near future!




29.06.2022 20:37

Back on back

We've rarely been riding the last few days, too busy around the house and moving horses (Ögn and Sæla went to meet Aðalsteinn frá Íbishóli).
So we saddled up this evening and went for a beachside ride enjoying the beautiful weather and good tracks. Should do that more often!




27.06.2022 20:06

More gardenvisitors

There had been a few ducks around, coming to get some food in our garden. I suspected that at least one of the females was actually brooding somewhere nearby.
Today she honoured us with her whole family visiting our garden. It was fun watching them charging around trying to find the best treats here and there.


17.06.2022 09:54

Quick trip east

We went for a short visit at our friends' place in the east of Iceland.
As usual we got a really warm welcome from Pétur and Marietta and had a beautiful stay.
Whilst there we had a look at the painting we ordered in April this year and really are looking forward to getting it home later this year.





16.06.2022 09:48

Bye, bye chimney!

Next big project at home is fixing our roof. There has been some minor leaking alongside the chimney and as we really don't need it we settled on removing it completely and then just cover the hole when building the new roof. I have to mention that the corrugated iron was still the original one from 1963 and it was amazing there were just a few minor rustspots and no severe leakage.
So Ingólfur climbed on the roof today and broke down the chimney, I was no use in assisting up there as I'm afraid of hights and so I just helped emptying the concrete coming down in a bucket into the trailer and sending the bucket back up again. 
To be continued...



15.06.2022 21:44


...complete! At least for the moment there are all the horses supposed to be at Hagi in the field there. That's Vordís, Pandóra, Hugleikur, Blær, Þeyr and Blesi. Just released Pandóra there today, but her friends and family were somehow not too happy to see her... That'll change soon.
Ögn is with our riding horses and will, together with Sæla, meet Aðalsteinn frá Íbishóli in a few days. Hopefully both will be in foal when we fetch them again!



06.06.2022 19:03


Good to work outside in sunshine and warm weather. Bensi called and asked if we could assist finishing the fence next to the road. The circumstances for fencing there aren't too good as the ground is rather rocky and it's difficult to put the fencepoles down. But with the help of the tractor it's getting easier. 
Found a goose's nest when checking the fence to the neighbours, left all the eggs where they were supposed to be.





04.06.2022 18:27

New adventures

Already last autumn we booked a spot with Sjóður frá Kirkjubær for Flugsvinn. As she had her foal earlier than we thought and therefore getting into heat earlier, too, we contacted the caretakers if we might come as soon as possible with her. So long story short, today was the day to move her and the foal to Eyjarfjörður. The little guy was supposed to get microchipped before leaving, so we decided to walk the 2 of them to our vet's stable. 
After catching Flugsvinn and leading her and the foal through both gates Ingólfur released Ögn into the field with Pandóra so she wouldn't be upset and alone. 
Little did I know that the foal was already so attached to its cousin it would try to run back full speed at least 3 times. Well, got so watch beautiful, very fast tölt and of course flying pace. I was really happy when we finally reached the vet's stable. There the foal got the microchip and was ready to be loaded with it's mum.
When arriving at the stallion's pasture we were greeted by one of the caretakers and shown where to release our horses. Sjóður came running and fetching them back to his herd, behaving like a gentleman. So now we just have to wait and see if the date is a success. 


01.06.2022 16:34


I like to grow my own potatoes and already have 18 different sorts in different colours. I don't grow a lot of each variety, but like to have the diversity and possibility to choose what I like for each and every opportunity. Got a few new allred sorts and a black with yellow spots. So today I went to plant and hope for a good summer and harvest later this year. We'll see what time brings!


30.05.2022 10:17

Goodbye manhood

Hello sweet life as a gelding! Not sure the guys were happy when waking up, but for sure it makes their lives easier in the future. Vignir, our vet, came today to geld Þeyr, Blær and little Blesi. Things went fast and well and they were up again in no time. When everybody was ready to go they got a ride to Haga, where they'll stay over summer. Moving around will be good for them.





28.05.2022 09:54

Still around

The dove is still here and even coming to feed in our garden, which gives me good opportunities to watch it and take pics. 
Later today I spent some time with Pandóra, Flugsvinn and the foal and it's amazing how this little guy's growing, just 2 weeks old and already looking so different.
Pandóra is in fact a cousin to the little guy as their fathers are brothers. Pandóra out of Snillingur frá Íbishóli and the foal is son of the late Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli.







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